Interview with the Projection Booth and Bikini Bloodbath Box set news!



Ken Powell and I are still planning the final shoot for our VHS Massacre Doc but we have completed all the interviews and I have about a half hour edited of the rough-cut of the VHS Massacre doc. Also Ken Powell and I did get to do an interview with Mike White who not only runs the highly respected Projection Booth podcast but is known most for being featured in the documentaries David Goodis: To a Pulp and The People Vs. George Lucas. LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW HERE. We pop about a an hour and 60 minutes in. Special thanks to Mike White for having us. It was a real treat.


Beyond that I had a conversation with Jon Gorman (Co-director of Bikini Bloodbath 1-3) I think we are going to put out a box set of the Bikini Bloodbath films. No word on whether it will be a Blueray or DVD release but will be coming out at some point.


I have a finished rough draft of a screenplay I may direct with Jon Gorman and Ken Powell next year but it needs some work. It’s entitled Morrowbie Jukes. I think it could make a cool film.


So my last film Rudyard Kipling’s Mark of the Beast did very well last year garnering positive reviews and press from Aint it Cool,Rue Morgue,Film threat Fangoria and the sales were strong…but the press has died down now as it always does and it makes me wonder if I did enough to push the movie. Films are never finished someone once said, they are abandoned. I have been trying to get a review on Ain’t it Cool for years now and it meant a lot to me to be featured . Also being in Rue Morgue and Fangoria in a positive light at the same time in a way felt was a break through for me. I have to say I am so grateful to the guys at MVD and also Debbie Rochon and Mike Watt of Film Threat, also the folks at Rue Morgue and Ain’t it Cool for taking notice of our tiny film.Who knows maybe a few more reviews will trickle in this year but I’m satisfied with how the film performed.

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