2012: The Year of the Beast

“Gregory Kissner’s cinematography…graced the movie with an eclectic blend of hue washed visuals and a striking use of light and shadows.” -Sex Gore Mutants

Full SGM Review

“This is a well-done film that riffs off the look of old Hammer and Corman horror… All around, this is an excellent effort…” -Ink 19 Reviews

Full Ink19 Review

We had a couple more positive reviews that came in just before the year ended and to me it really made me happy but before I get into that, let me talk about the year. After a film festival run and a New York City theatrical premiere at Anthology Film Archives in October MVD distribution released my eighth feature film that I co-directed with Jon Gorman. This is a very small film with no ability to defend against bad reviews through dumping millions into marketing so it’s cool to see the bulk of reviews are either positive or neutral  Below are some good reviews and press that Mark of the Beast garnered mostly over this past year. You can get the film on sale here for 8 bucks.

2012 for me personally was an extremely difficult yet productive year. I got a positive review in Aint it Cool and a two page write up in Fangoria Magazine #318 right after Halloween! These are two things that I have been trying get for over a decade so it’s nice to see if you try hard enough for long enough, you can get at least a few of the things you aspire for in life. So for me “Mark of the Beast” is like my child. After years of effort it has now been released into the world with all of the energy that I could muster. Anyone who wants to see the film can see it. So now I can move on. Who knows what the future holds. Maybe I can direct the next Puppet Master Movie or something, or go back to school…Who knows.

  1. Examiner [Bill Cassinelli]
  2. (re)Search my Trash [Mike Haberfelner]
  3. Ain’t it Cool News
  4. New Filmmakers Quarterly
  5. Amos Lassen
  6. Cine-Apocalypse [Shawn Francis]
  7. DVD Talk [Jeremy Biltz]
  8. Sex Gore Mutants
  9. Dave’s Horror Reviews
  10. Fangoria Magazine
  11. Film Threat [Mike Watt]
  12. Hartford Courant [Susan Dunne]
  13. Ink19
  14. Joblo Movie Network
  15. Movie City News
  16. New England Horror Writers
  17. Search My Trash
  18. Shockya
  19. Topix
  20. World News
  21. Plainville Observer Interview
  22. Bristol Observer NEUFF
  23. Dick Boland star of MOTB on Frames Per Second
  24. Arrow in the Head
  25. Metal Life

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