A quick look at the Mark of the Beast DVD release in it’s first week.

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I put together some reviews and article quotes that I thought were cool and some are very recent. So in my opinion the DVD release of Rudyard Kipling’s Mark of the Beast is going well. I got to go to Barnes and Nobel and buy a few Fangoria Magazines off the shelf featuring an article about MOTB. I plan to frame it. As a horror director one of my goals has always been to be published in Fangoria Magazine which is the horror film chronicle of record in my opinion. I then got to go to the famous Kim’s Video in New York City and buy my DVD off the shelf and one of my friends plans to send me a picture of MOTB on the shelf at the famed Amoeba Music the world largest Independent record store in L.A. I think so far to date we have sold about a third of the DVD’s pressed so I’d say we are doing well. I’m hanging out in my apartment waiting for the hurricane to hit, so far it has been mild although on the news I can see the images of flooded homes. In my life I really just want to be able to keep making better and better Independent films. I hope Mark of the Best does well so I can make another film. Last week Ken Powell and I started on a new secret documentary. I think it’s gonna rock!



“A beautifully shot and hauntingly told tale. A classic tale brought to the screen in more than capable hands… scarier than 99.9% of the movies currently coming out of Hollywood now!”

Ron Bonk – Syracuse International Horror Film Festival

“Four Stars, Gorman, Seymour and the entire cast and crew shot for the stars on a gamble and proved that the independent arena is really the place to be when it comes to the love of filmmaking”

 Mike Watt – Film Threat

Featured in the article “Building a perfect Beast”

Michael Gingold – Fangoria Magazine

“Terror comes in the form of Rudyard Kipling’s Mark of the Beast…This film has a place on my radar”

  –Marcey Papandrea – Joblo Movie Network

“Bloodbath Pictures have brought this film to life..Mark of the Beast effectively combines 70’s style horror with deep-running religious, political and moral themes.”

Terry Bunch – Metal Life Magazine

“Five Stars, visually stunning with practical monster make-up that rival anything Hollywood has produced.”

Ken Powell – New York Cine Radio

“Four Stars, with fantastic creature design and an outstanding bombastic score, Beast…is most inspired.”

Dave’s News and Reviews

“The design of the film stuns the eyes with fantastic creatures”

Amos Lassen  – Reviews Online

Featured in the article “Bugged out on Beast”

Debbie Rochon – Fangoria Magazine

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