October Release of “Mark of the Beast” movie and our Podcast success.

There’s a few new things that are happening. I finished re-doing all the color grading for “The Mark of the Beast” movie. We are preparing for an October DVD and digital release and a New York Theatrical screening at Anthology Film Archives in New York City. This will be where the rubber hits the road. We get to see if this type of horror-drama performs well in what is left of the DVD market. We will get to see if it has a loyal audience and see if the digital sales are strong. The thing is, I am really proud of this film and I believe it will do well. We have been very lucky to have such good reviews to date. For those who would like to see the trailer or find out more about the film check it out at markofthebeastmovie.com

The second thing I wanted to talk about is our “New York Cine” podcast about B-movies, Hollywood news and Indie films. We are by no means a huge deal like WTF with Marc Maron or Smodcast with Kevin Smith. We started a few months back but already we are in the top 3 percent of all iTunes podcasts. We honestly can’t calculate web-wide how many listeners we have but below are some of the sites that carry our podcast and we know that our listeners are in the thousands but beyond we don’t have an exact number yet. We love doing this free audio podcast so please keep listening. We just put up a new Episode Tuesday! These are great to listen to when you have “net-time” when you are commuting to work, doing dishes or laundry and exercising.






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