The fourth most popular person to be born in New Britain Connecticut is me?

SO if I’m gonna be honest. I often look up the films I’ve done or my name in order to find reviews or see if anyone gives a shit about any of the films I made. So I saw a list pop up on the imdb. So According to the IMDB. I’m the fourth most popular person to be born in New Britain Connecticut surpassed only by a professional wrestler, The guy wrote Big Trouble in Little China and actor Matthew Fahey. I can not decide if this is impressive.
IMDb: Most Popular People Born In “New Britain/ Connecticut/ USA”
So I ask myself why would I be high on this list. Below are a few highlights from my career. NY Times,NPR. Blockbuster,Netflix, theatrical releases of 8 features over a 14 year period but to be honest I seriously doubt this equates to someone recognizing me on the street. Though I will say a good amount of people have at least heard of a few of the films I’ve directed so that’s a small victory. I just hope my new film Rudyard Kipling’s Mark of the Beast will go big. You know when things don’t go your way, you look for things to get you by, little signs to show that you have made progress in your career and you find things and you don’t even know if they are real or valid or worth talking about but late at night tonight it was a treat to discover that in the town of my birth I am in effect, someone.

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