My Indie film London Betty hits Best seller status on Amazon on Demand!

Wow! Update. It’s midnight and London Betty just hit the #3 spot for British comedy on Amazon on Demand which is pretty cool! It’s beaten only by My Last five Girlfriends and Death at a Funeral. Below was written earlier tonight.

I was poking around Amazon on Demand and saw that a film I directed and sold to Maverick Entertainment London Betty (released last year) was now available on Amazon on Demand. Those of you who know some of my flicks like Land of College prophets or the Bikini Bloodbath Trilogy may know that my titles do pretty well on the net. It has always been really hard for me to judge the impact of the films I release. A fan walks by our Bloodbath Pictures stand at Monster Mania and says that they already own all of the Bikini Bloodbath movies and do I have any new ones?  I go into one of the remaining Blockbusters to see London Betty on the shelf. I find a copy of Bikini Bloodbath Christmas on a shelf at FYE, a  friend tells me of a large display at a San Fransico Indie DVD shop for Bikini Bloodbath Christmas. I “friend” someone on facebook and they write me to say they’ve watch my films. I love this stuff and  I get this little flash of recognician and it seriously keeps me going. So tonight I get a neat little treat.  I recently saw that London Betty is now available on Amazon on Demand as of this week I beleive, then I see that London Betty is ranked rank #4 Best Seller on Amazon on Demand in the British Comedy Catagory(at about 8pm tonight). Gently nestled between Mr Bean’s Holiday (I love Mr. Bean) and Feirce Creatures which I mega-love as well. I think that I do competent work and I think that London Betty is pretty funny but the fact that anyone gives a shit about my 12 thousand dollar film really warms my heart and the fact that it can compete with these British film icons makes me feel that pehaps I am not jerking off and maybe my new film Rudyard Kipling’s Mark of the Beast starring ellen muth (Star of The Dead Like Me Showtime Series) could really make an impact. Do you have an amazon account already like everyone else on earth? Then check out London Betty for 2 bucks on the link below. What have you got to lose besides 2 bucks? London Betty it is narrated by Clint Howard and stars Daniel Von Bargen(Super Troopers, Malcolm in the Middle, Sienfeld, O’ Brother Where Art thou) and Nicole Lewis(Broadway star,Hair,Rent ect).

London Betty on Amazon on Demand

Here’s where I sell myself!

Look the truth is that if it’s one thing I’m good at, it’s is stetching a dollar  to an almost supernatural level, getting stars in my movies and selling them. I’m sure  the number  of contemporary Underground filmmakers in the U.S. that have that directed 7 features that have all had legitimate releases must must be a pretty small number. Now if someone would just give me a budget for one of my next films like Two Weirdos starring Christopher walking and Patrick Stewart I be in a good spot.

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