Winners of the Rudyard Kipling’s Mark of the Beast Trailer Editing Contest!

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So here’s the background on the contest.

Student literally from around the world come to attend LaGuardia College in New York City. I was able put on a movie trailer editing contest. Bloodbath Pictures in currently in Post Production the film horror film Rudyard Kipling’s Mark of the Beast starring Debbie Rochon (Toxic Avenger IV) and Ellen Muth (Dead Like Me Showtime series) based upon the famous story by Rudyard Kipling. Students were asked to take footage from the film and create a trailer two minutes or less. The winners will have their trailers used in the actual marketing and promotion of the film so I’m excited to announce the winners.

Were showed 11 trailers on Wednesday April 27th. So many were great! I was surprised at the level these students are working at. Scratch that, I wasn’t surprised because LaGuardia College Media and New Media Students are some of the best in New York City. That being said Carlos Freire took first place with his plot driven fast pace trailer. Ray Chuk came in second with a very high end, kinetic, brilliant trailer and Byron Guinanzaca came in third with his sure handed and mildly comedic trailer. We had a separate contest for teaser trailers where Illiana Matos grabbed first and second with two hard hitting and short but sweet teasers and Gary Alverez came in third with a impressive professional take on the film. We had five judges ranging from filmmakers that have worked with Woody Allen to 20/20 and 60 minutes videographers to acclaimed Visual Arts and New Media Technology Professors. It was a hell of a night! What’s next is to show these trailers to the Bloodbath Productions Producers. We’re going to use the two first place winners to market the film but I suspect Jon Gorman and Sheri Lynn will be so blown away that they will elect to use more than the two top winners!!!

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