Screenwriting, Arcade Records and film scores

This has been an interesting week. From getting nailed with some kind of fucked up Flu-like illness, to getting new music tracks put into the timeline for the edit of my next feature film to finally getting a laptop to start writing on. It has been strange. Totally unrelated to these things.

In 2008 I was the world champion of the Mame arcade game Konami’s Crime fighters. I held the record on Twin Galaxies (The official world high score keeper recognized by The Guinness Book of world records) for nearly a year but since then I have now been bumped down to fourth. I finally have a PC again so I can start to compete. The world record to date I believe 101 kills. When I put my score up I think It was 81. I just started training and I seem to be scoring above 70 kills on average so I can think I can take back my record this year.


Beyond that,  the PC I got is a hot little red Aspire1 netbook. As I sit here in Queens like one of many Starbucks cronies I can not help but feel inspired. I am obsessed with the origine of the movie Blade Runner and how the script evolved so much over time. Starting from a small script with a few characters that dwelled within only a few different room for the duration of the movie to this amazing large scope film so different from the original Hampton Fancher version. I’m going to try my hat at Sci-Fi, more in the spirit of films like Primer or Moon or early versions of Blade Runner, Mechanismo as it was called at one point.

Then there is my pet Project Mark of the Beast starring Ellen Muth and Debbie Rochon. I have recently gotten some tracks back from Glen Gabriel (the film’s composer). The stuff is just gorgeous as if Thomas Newman and James Newton Howard banged and  had a love child. I have no doubt, Glen Gabriel with join the ranks of those composers soon.

For me If it’s not onward and upward then it’s onward and onward because that’s better than staying still.

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