Dear Hollywood, Can you please stop making movies in which you depict L.A. or N.Y. being destroyed?

If an Alien came down to our planet and started seeing how many times we destroyed New York and L.A in our films. I think they would assume we desperately hate these places. Do we?

You may think I’m a hypocrite for scrutinizing Hollywood for the content of their films considering I’ve directed movies like, Bikini Bloodbath 1-3 or Mark of the Beast (They have their share of over the top visuals and harsh language) So maybe I am a hypocrite but it just so happens that doesn’t mean that I’m wrong. My world, the underground world of film is having trouble out horrifying and out grossing Hollywood film because let’s be honest for a hot second. After films like Saw or Hostel, we all know that Hollywood REALLY has no problem or consistent restriction on violence. They do what ever the fuck they want and since the MPAA IS the studios it all goes through (See “This Movie is not yet Rated”). This is all a strange situation and it leads me to the point of this article.

I myself like much of America is war weary. We are winding down one war, we are still in Afghanistan and now Egypt is on fire. What is wrong with us as a people that we still want to see films over and over and destroying our beloved New York City or Los Angeles. Some people might say it’s all in good fun and entertainment. Is it really STILL entertaining? I mean take your disaster films 2012, Battle L.A, Independence day, The Day After Tomorrow, Cloverfield, Skyline, Armageddon, Deep Impact, Godzilla 1998, Watchmen ect. I can assure you there are others,

I understand this tradition of destroying NY/LA is as old as King Kong going down through the years to films like Ghostbusters and of course there are many Post Apocalyptic films (Which I would argue is different) depicting a destroyed NY. Logan’s Run, Planet of the Apes, Escape from NY and LA but those film are very old and the “glory” of those films were not seeing monuments trashed it was merely the backdrop the served the story. Also for the most part the Post Apocalyptic films don’t seem to show the human misery of the cities actually being wrecked. With CGI In the last 15 years we have seen NY destroyed so many times. Is this who we are as a people now? We get a murder boner for seeing things that we love torn apart and when the people scream bloodied, battered and crying we sit back and enjoy as if we had finished a great meal.  I DO NOT want to be one that still continues to harp on 9-11 but I”M SICK OF SEEING NY AND LA DESTROYED. I don’t not wish it upon those cites and we have passed the point of this being interested about fifteen fucking years ago! Times have changed and there is no any charm to seeing LA burned up or burned out and there is nothing clever about seeing Lady Liberty’s head detached from her body. What the fuck is wrong with ALL of us. Why do we want this? Our love of death and destruction seems endless in this country? Maybe it’s because I live in New York (who knows) but I am desperately tired of these films and I wish that money didn’t trump morality every fucking time. That’s my job!  I can’t even be subversive in America we’ve become too morally disgusting for me to push it any further. Hollywood STOP IT.

Most people know this has been a terrible terrible year for cinema because the majority of your output is either remakes of other films, TV shows or comic book films. I mean MY GOD look some of the line up. Thor, Captain America, Scream 4, Fast and Furious 5, Green Lantern, Cars two, Battle L.A. Big Momma 3, Pirates 4. Two words Wow and Yuck. It’s all going to crash soon. So in Summary Please stop destroying New York L.A and yourself. Stick around Hollywood. You still make great films, It’s just not very often and for GOD sake leave L.A. and N.Y alone!!

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